EXCLUSIVE: BooBoo Stewart Dishes On Twilight and Driving at The Young Hollywood Awards

At last night’s Young Hollywood Awards, Celebuzz caught up with BooBoo Stewart, one of the stars of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, for an exclusive interview about his movie, plans for driving now that he’s 16, and his biggest celebrity crush.

When asked about his license and plans for driving BooBoo responded,

“You know what, I don’t want to drive right now. I’m going to buy my car this year but my dad can drive it, and no one else can touch it. I just like sitting in the passenger seat and playing music.”

We also wanted to find out if there was an initiation process for joining the Twilight crew. BooBoo said,

“Nothing at all. It’s more of an initiation seeing all the fans for the first time. It’s so crazy seeing everyone screaming for us.”

Finally, we had to know which hottie in the celebrity world BooBoo crushes on the most. He was quick to answer that he loves Adriana Lima, best known as one of the Victoria’s Secret models. Nice choice, Boo.

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