Jesse James Edited Out Of Sandra Bullock’s ‘People’ Adoption Photo Shoot

Remember Sandra Bullock’s adoption photo spread in People magazine? Apparently, those photos initially included her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Jesse James.

Sources spilled that the actual photo shoot for Sandra’s adoption story occured on March 9, just two days after Sandra took home an Oscar for The Blind Side and a few days before news of Jesse’s many affairs broke.

Originally, Jesse was included in the photo shoot but was edited out of the final spread for obvious reasons.

A source on set during the shoot says that Sandra and Jesse were in good spirits, which hints that Sandra may have not known about Jesse’s many affairs before it ended up on the cover of the tabloids.

Ultimately, Jesse’s presence makes sense: Sandra’s announcement of her adoption was rumored to have been in the works for some time but the couple was holding off on announcing their new baby until after the Oscars.

The fact that Julia Roberts and the rest of People’s big “Most Beautiful People” issue was shoved to the side for Sandra’s baby hints that the whole story may have been rushed to press, possibly after the magazine heard that a tabloid was preparing to break the story.