Jonas Brothers Disappoint Groupies, Bring Their Women On Tour

The Jonas Brothers have announced that they are taking their gal pals along with them when they go on tour this summer. Looks like some wannabe JoBro groupies will be left in the dust.

Kevin Jonas tells PopEater that he will be taking his wife Danielle along with him on tour and says that the traveling will be “really nice.”

Meanwhile, Joe Jonas’ girlfriend Demi Lovato will be going on tour with the boys as their opening act. The only man left out is Nick Jonas, who is currently unattached. But who says that Nick can’t meet a new girl out on the road?

Nick is content with being the single man out, since it will be fun hanging out with the Jonas clan’s growing family:

“It will definitely be a learning experience. It’ll bring in a new dynamic having a new member of the family. We’re ready for it … Another year of touring with all its exciting new adventures.”

Don’t get too disappointed that the boys will be occupied with their favorite girls while on tour; Justin Bieber is still single and ready to mingle.