Michelle Williams and Naomi Watts Battle Over Marilyn Monroe

Michelle Williams and Naomi Watts Battle Over Marilyn Monroe-photo

Are you ready for the battle of the Marilyns?

Both Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams are set to play Marilyn Monroe in two different biopics.

Naomi will be starring in the adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates' imaginary memoir of Marilyn, Blonde.

Meanwhile, Michelle will be portraying the legendary blonde bombshell in My Week with Marilyn, a film about the making of The Prince and the Showgirl.

Both actresses are known for both their beauty and incredible acting talent, so watching both of them on screen is sure to be great.

How much do you want to bet that, right at this very moment, Lindsay Lohan is throwing a tantrum over this news?

Who are you more excited to see play Marilyn: Michelle or Naomi? Or are you excited for both? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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  • AC Tiri
    AC Tiri

    Don't like any of them. Michelle & Naomi don't look anything like Marilyn or have the body for it. SUZIE KENNEDY is the world renown Marilyn Monroe look-alike. Truly incredible! She is the ONLY one looks, acts and talks like Marilyn Monroe HANDS DOWN!

  • Beth

    Ha they;re both exes of heath ledger lol!

  • sasha

    Neither look like Marilyn, seriously both are to thin. You can't just wear Marilyn style make up and clothes and be her. They look like their cos-playing Marilyn Monroe.

  • dd

    I'll go for Naomi Watts.. amazing actress!

  • corinna

    i think scarlet jo would be good to play marilyn

  • Janette

    No to either. Seriously can't think of worse choices. Okay, wait, Miley Cyrus. Blake Lively. They're better off waiting for an unknown.

  • Sophie

    Isn't almost every actress "known for their beauty"? Don't really see the appeal in Michelle Williams but I'll check out Naomi Watts' flick. And I agree with the above comment, both are a bit too thin to play MM.

  • Stephanie Coon
    Stephanie Coon

    Naomi Watts is WAY WAY WAY too skinny to play Marilyn Monroe. (Michelle Williams is only way too skinny...)