Spencer Pratt’s Parents Remove All Photos Of Spencer From Home

You know you may be a monster when your own parents turn on you.

While Spencer Pratt is busy fortifying his house against the threat of wife Heidi Montag’s sweet, well-meaning mother, his parents are removing all pictures of him from their home and cutting off all ties with him.

Spencer is already estranged from sister Stephanie Pratt but he has now distanced himself from the rest of his family.

Spencer is reportedly angry at his parents for always trying to get Spencer to take care of Stephanie and has refused to speak to his folks.

Meanwhile, his parents are sick of sticking up for Spencer and have removed all photos of him from their home. And really, who could blame them from distancing themselves from Spencer?

Without pesky family ties to keep them down, Heidi and Spencer have reportedly been having a grand ol’ time in their trash bin home covered in magical crystals. A source says that Heidi “sits and stares in the mirror” all day while Spencer “sits on the internet, watches TV and tries to get press.” Sounds like a great life.

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