Robert Pattinson Is a Messy Guest

If Robert Pattinson ever shows up at your door, make sure that you make him take off his shoes before he enters the house.

The Eclipse heartthrob surprised several fans by paying surprise visits to their homes earlier this month, and for one family that played host to the movie star, R-Pattz left a little something behind for them. Namely, his muddy footprint on their rug.

As Naperville, Illinois’ Maria Mele—mother of the Mele family, one of the clans that were visited by Pattinson—reveals,

“Rob had a mud mark on his shoe when he walked in, and we had just had our carpet cleaned. I told my husband, ‘You are never washing that footprint!’ It was hilarious.”

That’s right; make Rob clean up his own mess! Not a bad way to drag a second visit out of the guy, actually….