Tom Cruise Visits Oprah, Manages Not to Destroy Her Couch Again

Somebody finally taught Tom Cruise not to jump on the furniture.

The Top Gun actor returned once again to the stage of Oprah—where he famously jumped up and down while professing his love for Katie Holmes—on Friday, and we’re happy to report that there was no such hopping around this time. Instead, Cruise and host Oprah Winfrey spent their time discussing a very important topic: His four-year-old daughter with Holmes, Suri Cruise. Specifically, her inimitable sense of style, ill-considered high heels included.

So how are Tom and Katie helping to mold little Suri into a considerate, responsible human being? Basically, they let her do whatever her little heart desires:

“She likes to dress herself and wears whatever she wants to wear…She wants to wear it, she wears it…a girl wants to wear what she wants to wear. I’m not gonna tell her different. She’s got great taste.”

Good call, Tom. Because that won’t lead to problems down the road at all.