BLINDBUZZ: Which Party Girl Starlet Has A Nose For A Comeback?

She once had money coming at her from all directions: TV, films, club appearances, product endorsements. That well is quickly running dry. She has slashed her rates in half, but there are still few takers. One simple solution for shaking things up: plastic surgery. She has been quietly meeting with plastic surgeons for both face and body work. If she does decide to have plastic surgery – about which she is surprisingly squeamish – we hear that her nose will be the first body part to go. Then again, if she doesn’t lay off the white powder, it may fall off on its own. (BlindGossip)

Our first instinct is to say this is Lindsay Lohan but she doesn’t need any plastic surgery. Meanwhile, Lindsay’s enemy Paris Hilton has a famously large nose and has a reputation for being a party girl.

Talk Show Sponsored By Coke:

This B list cable talk show host of a very highly rated cable show has the coke addiction of all coke addictions. Not only does our host snort coke all day and night, our host also does coke before, during, and after the show. (Crazy Days And Nights)

This blind item is careful not to mention the gender of the alleged coke-happy host. The only cable talk shows we can think of are Lopez Tonight with George Lopez and Chelsea Lately with Chelsea Handler. George doesn’t seem peppy enough to be a coke addict, so that only leaves Chelsea.

An Alpha Diva:

This not so bright starlet recently found the cell phone of the director of her television show. She cruised through the numbers in his contact list and when she discovered her name was listed third behind other actresses on the show, she threw a huge tantrum. She confronted the director and accused him of picking favorites, the proof being in his cell phone contact list. He calmly explained that the names were put in alphabetical order, not order of importance. Instead of apologizing for her behavior, she instead went back to her trailer and tried to clean up her wardrobe she had earlier ripped to shreds out of anger. Not Courteney Cox. (BuzzFoto)

For some reason, this reminds us of the kids from the new 90210 show.

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