BUZZINGS: Justin Bieber’s Hair Not Magically Perfect, Nation Shocked

  • Justin Bieber reveals his blow-drying tips to Ellen DeGeneres. Funny, we just assumed that his hairstyle was the result of angels circling his head and blowing softly every morning. (Hollywood Life)
  • Chelsea Handler tears into Angelina Jolie; Jennifer Aniston immediately sends a fruit basket as thanks. (PopEater)
  • A collection of celebrities in animal prints that sadly doesn’t include Andy Rooney showing off his tiger-striped thong. (Wonderwall)
  • Kate Hudson talks about getting spanked on film. And before you get all excited, no, A-Rod was not involved. (Huffington Post)
  • Claudia Schiffer has given birth to a girl. Thank God, the hotness gene lives on. (Gabby Babble)