Inside the KFC Double Down With Judah Friedlander Blackjack Tournament (VIDEO)

The cards have been dealt, the chips have been cashed in, and it’s all over but the crying—except, maybe, to grab a little lunch.

Recently, KFC Double Down hosted a contest to find out who had the nerve to go against 30 Rock star/self-decrbed world champion of everything Judah Friedlander at his own blackjack table. And after a worthy opponent was chosen, the whole thing went down in New York recently during a white-knuckle blackjack tournament that delivered a high-stakes display of nerves, strategy and gaming-enabled male bonding.

As Friedlander presided over the proceedings, five players—Ken Shuman, winner of the Double Down with Judah Friedlander contest; his buddy Tom; Time’s “Techland” columnist Peter Ha; and Friedlander pals/blackjack aficionados Mike Boccetti and and Jason Pollock—tested their skills in a grueling but jovial blackjack marathon. Risks were taken. Players went big, and sometimes went bust. And in the end…well, let’s just say it was a five-way tie—for last, as the dealer eventually cleaned them all out. 

Got a hunger for some competitive action? Check out the highlights from the tournament in the video below:

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