Jonathan Rhys Meyers Banned From Flying After Drunken Racist Tantrum

Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers may have the face of an angel, but his behavior is quickly spinning out of control.

Jonathan allegedly threw a drunken, racial-epithet laden tantrum as he was preparing to board a United Airlines flight at JFK Airport and has now been banned from flying any United Airlines flight.

See, it all started, like most bad ideas do, with some early morning drinking. Jonathan allegedly got sloshed while waiting in the First Class lounge at JFK, even though it was only 7 o’clock in the morning.

RadarOnline reports that airline officials noticed Jonathan getting drunk and disorderly and prevented him from boarding the flight, which allegedly led to him hurling racist insults and using the n-word while yelling at the officials.

According to RadarOnline, United Airlines officials have confirmed the incident, but did not provide details.

The Irish actor has had some issues with drinking in airports before: he was arrested in 2007 at a Dublin airport for being drunk and disturbing the peace and detained in Paris in 2009 for a drunken airport brawl.

Sigh. Why did a face so hot have to be wasted on a possibly-racist drunkard?