Justin Bieber Says He’s More Than Just Friends With Miley Cyrus (VIDEO)

Gasps of gasps! Is Justin Bieber dating Miley Cyrus?

Justin is set to appear on Ellen today and in a sneak peek clip from the show, Justin hints that Miley might be one of the girls that he is “hanging out” with, in a romantic sense.

Like any good TV host, Ellen DeGeneres grilled Justin about his love life, which Justin awkwardly tried to brush off as just him “hanging out” with “different people.”

Ellen went in for the kill and asked point-blank if Justin was dating Miley to which Justin giggled out a quiet “yeah,” but quickly mentioned that he was also seeing other people.

Miley and Justin were recently spotted enjoying a night on the town together, but Miley said that they were just meeting to discuss a “project” they are working on together. Maybe “project” is just teen idol lingo for canoodling?

But, wait! What about Miley’s boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth? Did they break up or is Justin just stirring up the pot in hopes of landing Miley?

Either way, Justin better watch out for Liam. Justin may have a perfect helmet of hair, but Liam has age and height on his side.

Watch the video below.

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