Lindsay Lohan Is A-OK—Just Ask Her! (VIDEO)

Sure, to the rest of the world, Lindsay Lohan’s life might seem to be on a crash course with a tragedy of Titanic proportions. But according to an expert on the matter—Lindsay herself—everything is coming up platinum-plated roses in LiLo Land.

The Just My Luck actress decided to grant a quickie interview to the paparazzi as she prepared to board her plane for the Cannes Film Festival on Friday, and she wants everyone to know: Her life is currently in an unprecedented phase of tranquility and progress.

Asked about her ongoing alcohol-education classes—which, if she doesn’t complete by Thursday, could land her in jail—Lohan reassures,

“I’ve been in compliance more than ever.”

Hmm; which isn’t exactly the same as saying as she’s actually in full compliance, but whatever…

And as for the example she’s setting for her 16-year-old sister Ali Lohan, who’s currently trying to walk in big sis’ show-biz footsteps, LiLo offers,

“I think she’s learned a lot from just being around me and experiencing what goes on…She’s a smart girl.”

Hopefully, smart enough to realize that what she’s witnessing is a textbook example of what not to do.

Finally, Lindsay addresses a topic that’s been on everyone’s minds lately—the seemingly endless meddling of her headline-grubbing father, Michael Lohan:

“I just wish he would shut up. Enough is enough.”

Well, it’s good to know that she’s not completely delusional.

Check out Linds’ address on the State of the Lohan below: