Michelle Rodriguez Hits the Bottle in Cannes? (PHOTOS)

Oh, dear; it appears that Michelle Rodriguez might be enjoying her stay at the Cannes Film Festival just a bit too much.

The Lost beauty was spotted returning to her room at the Holiday Inn with pals in Cannes on Friday, after a seemingly long night at the VIP Room.

Or maybe she was just giddy about the whole Cannes experience. Because with a couple of DUIs already under her belt, it probably wouldn't be prudent to be getting as wrecked as she appears to be.

Hit up the photo gallery and render your verdict in the comments section: Was Michelle tanked, or merely high on life?

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  • MichelleRocks!

    Ah get off her f*cking back, everyone gets drunk once in a while. She had a good time and f*cking papz ruin it for her by putting sh*t like this in the newspapers. If you want a real story then get one that involves a bloody car crash or train crash. For god sake people, she is an amazing person, she deserves all the happiness she can get without her privacy being wrecked. SHE IS A f*cking HUMAN! not superwoman

  • louisvega