Miss USA 2010's Stripper-Pole Pics Have Already Emerged

Miss USA 2010's Stripper-Pole Pics Have Already Emerged-photo

Well, that didn't take long.

It's been less than a full day since Rima Fakih was crowned this year's Miss USA—the first Arab-American to gain that distinction—and already pictures of Fakih working the stripper pole have spread forth on the Internet.

It seems that, prior to achieving beauty-pageant supremacy last night, the former Miss Michigan participated in a somewhat less prestigious competition: The 2007 "Stripper 101" contest, sponsored by Detroit-based radio show Mojo in the Morning. Clearly, she's a woman of many talents.

Do you think this sexy skeleton in Rima's closet will affect her title? Or has the Miss USA pageant pretty much given up any semblance of propriety at this point? Share your outrage or understanding in the comments section.



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  • anonymous

    While I think that competeing in a stripper contest, whether you keep your clothes on or not, is disgusting and degrading to women, I have the same feelings for the Miss USA pagent. And besides, once the Dondald posted all those racy pics of the contestants on his website, he made it even more clear that this contest is all about sex, not morals, so he might as well let her keep the crown.

  • GIA


  • lulu

    she shouldnt have won in the first place. her q & a part of the pagent showed she was a moron. plus she stumbled and if it wasnt for the immigration question asked to the other girl she would have won.

  • sophie

    So what?! Who gives a sh*t if she's "pole dancing"... it's not like she's up there in only panties after snorting some coke - chillax! Girls will be girls, young women her age are bound to have their wild nights, this one was caught on camera. Not a big deal AT ALL.

  • me

    BIKINI CLAD,,,,,,,,,,is that what you call a bikini!!!??!?!?! idiiot reporters like you are a joke!

  • SSR

    I think its fine...I mean it was a mistake and it was before Miss USA and I mean we all have a sexy side and she is wearing a tank top and short shorts...so chill!