Photographic Evidence: The Justin Bieber Tattoo Is Real!

When images seeming to depict a bird tattoo on singing sensation Justin Bieber’s stomach first emerged on the Internet, a wave of confusion washed over Bieber Nation. Many questions were asked: Is it even legal for a 16-year-old to get a tattoo? Does this mark on his flesh enhance or detract from the perfection that is Justin Bieber? And, really, a bird? Doesn’t he seem like more of a bumblebee guy?

But now, dear reader, the mystery has been cleared up. Thanks to this newly released photographic evidence, it can be said with concrete certainty: The Justin Bieber tattoo is real!

Check out these shots of the My World singer at Toronto’s Son of a Gun tattoo parlor in March, going under the needle to get the now-verified marking. And lest anyone be alarmed, Justin’s father Jeremy was on hand to monitor the event, as all responsible dads are when their underage kids get their first tattoo.

Still confused about how you should feel about it all? Perhaps you should open The Holy Bieble for some divine guidance.