Rachel Uchitel Makes Most Obvious Move Ever, Will Pose for ‘Playboy’

What’s a serial mistress to do, after she’s wrung every last headline—and dime—out of her penchant for sleeping with married men?

If you answered, “Take off her clothes for Playboy,” come on down and collect your prize: A shiny trophy that reads “Master of the Obvious.”

Rachel Uchitel—alleged “other woman” to such notable spoken-for men as Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz—will reportedly be posing for Hugh Hefner’s venerable skin mag in the next three weeks. Because apparently, after exposing every sordid detail of her personal life, it’s time to expose something that people might find interesting.

Alas, there is some bad news, depending on your perspective: Uchitel reportedly won’t be going Full Monty in the spread, instead opting for tasteful boobs and butt shots. Because she’s classy like that.

And now the bright side: There’s no indication that Uchitel’s attorney/mentor, Gloria Allred, will be posing with her. Be thankful for that, at least.

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