The Jonas Brothers Are Giving It Away for Free, Y'all (PHOTOS)

The Jonas Brothers, in all their live glory—and it didn't cost anyone a dime? Hard to believe, but it's true, dear readers, and it all went down at the Grove in Los Angeles this weekend.

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas rocked the crowd at the L.A. shopping destination on Friday, delivering a blistering set of their infectious power-pop for the low, low, price of nothing.

Couldn't be there? Don't worry; we captured all the action you in our photo gallery—and that won't cost you anything to look at, either. Is this a great time to be alive, or what?

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  • scarlettnurse92858

    I just LOVE THE JOBROS!!! They are soooo talented!! They write,play,sing,and dance to THEIR OWN MUSIC!!!When they play their music to their fans,they say it makes them(The JoBros)sooooo happy and they love to perform for them!!! They say that "their talent performing for their fans" is not a job!! They do it to make EVERYBODY happy!!

  • Ella

    It's all about JOE!!!! :)