Tiger Woods’ Mistresses Call Each Other Floozies In The Battle Of Who Cares

What do you do when you are a fame-hungry celebrity mistress who is starting to see her 15 minutes of fame wane? Drum up a feud with another mistress, of course.

Tiger Woods’ classy, media-shy mistresses Rachel Uchitel and Joslyn James are currently engaged in a bitter feud with each insulting the other by insinuating that the other mistress is a–gasp!–loose woman.

It all started when Rachel made negative comments about Joslyn to the press, and now Joslyn is shooting back at Rachel by insulting her to RadarOnline.

Joslyn, a porn star and one of Tiger’s more public mistresses, calls Rachel a “bed jumper” and says Rachel’s job seems to be to “f**k other peoples [sic] husbands.” Apparently, Joslyn also lacks a lot of self-awareness and sense of irony.

Josyln also says that she has “learned from her mistakes” and said that she was “not trying to break up anyone’s marriage or family as Rachel seems to be.”

(News recently broke that Rachel was sleeping with married actor David Boreanaz and was trying to get him to leave his wife.)

So, is there any way to bury the hatchet and have these two fame-hungry mistresses end their bitter feud?

Maybe we can help them end their fight. Ladies, you are both very obviously trying to make a career out of banging famous dudes, so just admit who you are and end this feud so you both can fade out of our lives.