Whitney Port is Latest Star To Call ‘Hills’ Cast Crazy

We bet Whitney Port is happy she got out of The Hills when she did because the lives of the current Hills stars looks like a big ol’ bowl of mess.

Port talked to Ryan Seacrest for his radio show on Friday morning and revealed that she thinks that the Hills cast members have let their lives spin out of control.

While Port didn’t name names (does she really need to?) she said she thought they were “self-imploding” and that the show is “out of control.” She also told Ryan that she thinks they are “just going crazy” and she is afraid that they are going to “attack” her for speaking out about their bad behavior.

It’s no secret that the stars of the Hills have moved onto the carpool lane of the Lindsay Lohan Career Suicide Expressway. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have become scary crazy (as opposed to Season 2’s fun crazy) and Kristin Cavallari is allegedly snorting up half of southern California.

Meanwhile, the always classy Whitney has found success with her New York spin-off, The City and managed to avoid becoming tabloid fodder.

Ultimately, if a battle has to be waged, we are definitely sticking to Team Whitney.