Lady GaGa Wants to Add ‘Intern’ to Her Résumé

Does Lady Gaga’s ambition know no bounds? Not content to be one of the hottest musical artists in the world, a fashion goddess, and Christina Aguilera’s main inspiration, the Pantless One is now embarking on yet another career endeavor: Fashion-industry intern.

The “Poker Face” chanteuse has applied for an internship with milliner (that’s “hat maker” to us non-fashionistas) Philip Treacy, after the pair collaborated on a number of headpieces sported by GaGa in concert. According to Treacy’s spokesperson,

“The request came through quite a while ago. They get on well and she has applied for an internship although nothing has been confirmed yet.”

According to someone familiar with the move, GaGa’s desire to move into the fashion world is a product of her restless spirit, which apparently won’t be satisfied until the good Lady has conquered every aspect of industry known to man:

“Gaga is sick of her own songs by now. That’s why she keeps changing her songs, costumes, sets, everything she does on each leg of the tour. She gets bored easily.”

Good luck, GaGa! We just hope the Treacy workplace doesn’t have a strict dress code, because something tells us she doesn’t have much in the way of business attire in her closet.

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