Lindsay Lohan Stars In ‘Ho vs. the Volcano’

Wow; Lindsay Lohan can’t even catch a break from Mother Nature these days. The oft-troubled Just My Luck star has fallen prey to yet another misfortune, this time from the smoke and ash-belching volcano in Iceland.

LiLo is in serious danger of having an arrest warrant issued in her name unless she completes at least three court-mandated alcohol-education classes by Thursday. Unfortunately, Lohan decided to sashay off to the Cannes Film Festival over the weekend to promote the upcoming indie flick Inferno (she’ll be playing deceased porn star Linda Lovelace—if the movie goes through) and—wouldn’t you know it?—now it’s already Tuesday, and apparently she’s stranded in France, because of that pesky volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Of course, Lohan could have avoided the whole dilemma in the first place, had she decided not to run off to France when she has serious legal obligations to fulfill. And never mind that other stars have managed to arrive back home from the festival already. Or that…well, let’s just face it, Lindsay’s probably just making excuses already for why she once again won’t be complying with court orders. 

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