‘Lost’ Props Up For Grabs

Want to own a piece of Lost?

Now that the ABC show is wrapping up, producers are planning on selling props from the show at the California-based auction house, Profiles in History.

So far, over 1,000 items are slated to be sold and the auction house is expecting the sale to being “later this summer.”

A representative for the auction house said that producers wanted to give something back to the Lost fans (oh, and maybe make a boat load of money while doing so).

What are some of the items going up for auction? While the auction house is still cataloging items, they revealed that one of the favorite items slated to be sold is survivor Charlie Price’s “Drive Shaft” ring.

Personally, we are holding out for some of that sweet Dharma Initiative beer or, at the very least, Claire Littleton’s awesome “Island hair” wig-helmet.

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