Sarah Jessica Parker Says “You Don’t Want To See Me Topless”

Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker tells E! News that we “don’t want to see [her] topless.” Oh, really? Well, now you’ve got us all curious, Sarah.

Sarah spoke with E! News reporter Marc Malkin about the fact that the public will never see the 45-year-old actress in the buff.

But what about the fact that her SATC co-stars seem very comfortable about showing their boobs on screen?

From E! Online:

Maybe they’re more equipped to do so […]and it’s all been voluntary. There was never any pressure. Never once. It’s too progressive of a community here to have anyone pressured into doing that.

Okay, we get that maybe SJP is a wee bit shy when it comes to stripping in front of the whole world, but why does she assume that the public wouldn’t be interested in seeing her nude? What is she hiding under there? A cat?

We guess we won’t be seeing any Carrie breasts in the upcoming Sex and the City 2 movie.