Ashley Tisdale Is Tiny Next To Her Boyfriend (PHOTOS)

Apparently, disproportionately-sized couples are all the rage among the show-biz crowd these days.

While Hayden Panettiere and her ginormous BF Wladimir Klitschko might be the reigning king and queen of the trend, High School Musical sweetheart Ashley Tisdale and her beau Scott Speer put in a strong showing while out on a date at Beso in Hollywood on Tuesday.

Now if one of the Olsen Twins will just hook up with Shaq, we'll have a real competition on our hands.

Click through the photo gallery to check out the long and short of it. And for even more pics of fabulously awesome famous folks, hit up Paparazzi-Razzi.



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  • Nicole

    lol shes so tiny next 2 him i bet he mums tiny 2 but the guy she has now is thumbs down shes better wiv zac efron or justin x

  • annabannana56

    me too!

  • giolvzma

    In Love with the outfit...

  • Serene

    Ashley tisdale looks great... I love this couple....!!!

  • catie

    tami that's just stupid, no need to tell the universe about your jealousy... and i am sick of tall guys only dating short chicks, what the hell, i am 6' 2'' and have yet to find a guy willing to date me, could the athleticism or the red head hair, but whatever, its just stupid. find someone your own size

  • tami

    yikes, she is one ugly girl. why is she always so orange? ok, he's not much to look at either. guess ugly people like other ugly people. nothing special about either of them.