BUZZINGS: John Travolta And Kelly Preston Expecting

John Travolta and 47-year-old wife Kelly Preston are expecting. And no, we don’t mean they are expecting Kelly to turn 50, we are talking about babies. Yay! (PopEater)

• Let’s all play matchmaker with Taylor Swift. Should she date jailbait Justin Bieber or should she date creep-o John Mayer? Decisions, decisions. (Wonderwall)

• Meanwhile, Valentine’s Day director Garry Marshall says he’s never heard of Justin Bieber. Sure, dude, hide your Bieber Fever all you want but we know you have Bieber posters decorating your office, like any normal 75-year-old man. (Hollywood Life)

Modern Family star Julie Bowen went on Lopez Tonight with pictures of her double breast-feeding her twins. Hrmph, show off. (Huffington Post)

Michael Jackson’s lyrics for “Beat It” are going up for auction. Don’t people know you can just Google the song to find the lyrics? (Starpulse)