BUZZINGS: Megan Fox Fired From 'Transformers 3,' Still Insanely Hot

BUZZINGS: Megan Fox Fired From 'Transformers 3,' Still Insanely Hot-photo
  • Megan Fox has been canned from Transformers 3, making Michael Bay the only man in the world who doesn't want her. (PopEater)
  • A collection of the most valuable voices in Hollywood. Chris Klein strangely absent. (Wonderwall)
  • Yesterday's Miley Cyrus lap-dance scandal has been replaced by today's Miley Cyrus breast-grab scandal. Three cheers for progress! (Hollywood Life)
  • Susan Boyle may appear on Glee. About time they added some glamour to that show. (Starpulse)
  • Check out these celebrity homes that are big enough to house a small army, as you  try to figure out which organ you're going to sell in order to make rent on your cramped studio apartment next month. (Learnvest)


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  • xxjdjedcdckjdxx

    thats good nobody needs megan fox anyway nobody really pays attention to her anyways

  • xxrejectedxspiritxx

    Shia is still in it!!!!Besides i never really paid attention to her (maybe cuz ima girl ) i was looking at Shia....

  • audilopez

    She is a horrible actress anyway. No one will even know she isn't there. Ungrateful little brat, if it weren't for her looks she would be no where. she needs an attitude adjustment and a Dermatologist

  • rollin

    the trolls will get you to see this movie...

  • diana

    Well, i won't go see it then. me neither!

  • Dar

    megan not in Transformers 3 thats great news i go watch it now. To bad she not in long enough for her to get step on by one of the Transformers

  • show

    It will end up making even more money.... to see what's going on in it. She shot herself in the foot. STUPID!

  • ladygaga

    Knew it would happen.... Shia is a better actor and it will succeed anyway!

  • Transformers 3 will suck
    Transformers 3 will suck

    Megan Fox wasn't a great actress, but honestly she didn't have to be for the role. I don't think the 3rd film will be that good anyways, they seem to have run out of good story lines.

  • las vegas
    las vegas

    Who cares about Megan Fox as long as Shia is still going to be on the 3rd film....Megan is easily replaced.!

  • Shelby

    Well, i won't go see it then.