Courteney Cox Leaves House Without Husband, Is Accused Of Cheating

Is Courtney Cox cheating on her husband with her Cougar Town co-star? Or does she simply have a (gasp!) male friend?

Spies tell Star that Courtney has been spotted spending a little too much time with co-star Brian Van Holt after their show wrapped in early April.

The two were spotted having dinner in Malibu without Courtney’s husband. One witness even says they think they saw Courtney holding Brian’s hand and he may have given her a kiss goodnight when they left the restaurant.

Or, maybe the two are just, you know, friends? Holding someone’s hand during dinner doesn’t necessarily mean that they are doing the horizontal mambo. Maybe she was just consoling Brian?

Besides, if Courtney and Brian were secretly carrying on an affair, you’d think they would realize that people would become suspicious if they saw them dining out together. After all, Courtney and husband David Arquette are one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting couples.