Heidi Montag’s Dad Afraid For Her Life

In case you live under a rock: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have entered crazytown.

The couple have been grabbing tabloid headlines with their bizarre and unhealthy behavior. From calling the cops on Heidi’s mom to Spencer refusing to allow Heidi to have contact with the outside world (or “the Matrix,” as he calls it) the reality show couple have truly started to scare all of those around them.

Now, Heidi’s dad, Bill Montag is breaking his silence and telling Star magazine (via Wonderwall) that he is “worried” about Heidi:

If I don’t hear from them soon, good or bad, I will take my family and get [Spencer’s] family and go there and talk to them. They can call the police on me too. I want to make sure both of them are OK.

It seems that Heidi and Spencer have severed all familial ties. Spencer’s family recently removed all photos of Spencer from their home and Heidi is treating her mother like a terrorist, calling the cops on her and having Spencer and his handy crystals keep guard over their rented home in Los Angeles.

Forget Lindsay, the real trainwreck of the year appears to be Heidi. Save Heidi!