Justin Bieber Nominated for BET Award Despite Being, Um, Canadian

Maybe they’re changing the name of the station to Bieber Entertainment Television?

Sixteen-year-old My World crooner Justin Bieber received what some might consider to be an unexpected honor yesterday, when it was announced that he had been nominated for a BET Award, in the category of Best New Artist, despite the fact that he’s…how do we put this delicately?…Canadian.

Biebs will be vying against Young Money, Wale, Melanie Fiona and Nicki Minaj for the award.

In an effort to explain the somewhat perplexing nomination, BET President of Music Programming and Specials Stephen Hill noted,

“He makes the type of music our audience likes. Bieber has crossed the color boundaries the same way that hip-hop has crossed the boundaries the other way for a number of years.”

Bieber is apparently in agreement, and Tweeted about the honor,

“Music is the universal language no matter the country we are born in or the color of our skin. Brings us all together.”

Well, sure. Music, and your sweet, sweet bangs, Justin.

Best of luck, Biebs! Here’s hoping you win, because that would have the potential for a truly epic Kanye West acceptance-speech interruption.