Lindsay Lohan Flirts With Amanda Seyfried’s Real-Life Boyfriend, Just Like in ‘Mean Girls’

As if Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have enough drama in her life these days already…

The Just My Luck actress, who’s on the verge of becoming a fugitive from justice thanks to her Cannes Film Festival getaway, has apparently decided to make her life that much more chaotic, by openly flirting with her former Mean Girls costar Amanda Seyfried’s beau, Dominic Cooper.

Sorry, Linds, but what happens at Cannes doesn’t always stay in Cannes.

According to E! Online, Lohan, Cooper, and an entourage of fellow revelers turned up at the Belvedere party in Cannes on Tuesday night to check out Grace Jones’ performance, and to engage in a little illicit flirtation. A witness reports,

“[Lohan and Cooper] were being coy with each other. Not really touchy, but flirty. After Grace’s performance they sat down at the table next to each other and were hanging out.”

Cooper is currently in town promoting his latest film, Tamara Drewe, while Lindsay—well, according to reports, La Lohan is currently stuck in France due to that mean ol’ volcano in Iceland. Or so it’s said.

Maybe she’s just sticking around to see if she can elicit a volcanic reaction from Seyfried.