Woman Airs Anna Nicole Smith’s Dirty Laundry On Ebay

An alleged “best friend” of the late Anna Nicole Smith was hoping to make a pretty penny off of some of Anna’s dirty laundry.

The friend, Jackie Hatten, was selling used underwear on eBay that she claims were once owned (and worn) by Anna.

The items include bras, panties, garter belts, nail polish, bedding, and a makeup brush.

Like any reasonable person, you might be wary of buying a celebrity’s used underwear on eBay because the items might be fake (this isn’t the only reason to be turned off from buying celeb’s underwear on eBay) but Jackie has you covered: she has a “hand signed” certificate of authenticity to along with all of the items.

Unfortunately, the public will never be able to lay their hands on Anna’s undergarments: eBay removed the auction from their website earlier today.