Did George Lopez Cheat On His Wife With Hookers?

Did George Lopez Cheat On His Wife With Hookers?-photo

Is 2010 really the year of the philandering husband? Seems like it.

The National Enquirer (via Dlisted) is reporting that George Lopez allegedly hooked up with two hookers and even tried to negotiate a three-way.

One of the ladies of the night has come forward to the tabloid and has released incriminating text messages from the Lopez Tonight host.

She claims she "had sex with [him] for money" and so did another prostitute pal. What ever happened to the hooker code of keeping your mouth shut? It is so hard to find a good prostitute these days.

All joking aside, the truly worst part of this whole mess is that George's wife famously gave George one of her kidneys five years ago to save his life. Way to treat the woman who literally risked her life to save you.

Of course, these are all just accusations, so who knows if it is true, but we bet Geroge's BFF Sandra Bullock is going to be more than a little disappointed that her friend was running out on his wife.



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  • liz

    it is not fair for george's wife she doesnt dserve it i feel so bad.

  • Barry

    Don't believe it for a second! Read the NE and it is pretty flimsy. They have one of the strongest marriages in Hollywood. Also anyone who has played in a Pro-Am tournament knows there is no time for anything but golf!!!! Too convenient with his friendship and support of Sandra Bullock. Sounds like Whores looking for a pay out.

  • LOLA

    The publicity surrounding his visits with Sandra Bullock (considering she was on the receiving end of infidelity like George's wife might be) is probably some of the reason the hooker spilled her guts (not to mention the payday).

  • SSS

    If true, he should have kept his mouth shut when the news of Tiger's infidelities came out and not made fun of him. Karma people!