Jesse James Is Worried About His Reputation

Oh, Jesse James; it’s a little late to worry about protecting your reputation now, isn’t it?

The Monster Garage star and former husband of Sandra Bullock—who admitted earlier this year to possible serial adultery—is heading off to trial, after being accused of backing out of a clothing-line deal. And apparently he’d rather not let his recent activities—cheating on the wife, posing in Nazi regalia—cloud any perceptions of him during the court ordeal. So James has filed documents asking the judge to strike any mention of certain things from the trial.

Such as? Oh, let’s see:

- Jesse’s sexual behavior
- The phrase “most hated man in America” to describe Jesse
- Any mention of the word “nazi” or “nazis” to describe Jesse
- The terms, “monster … skin head … racist … homophobe … prostitute … cheating … cheater”
- Sandra Bullock … and/or films or photographs of Sandra Bullock
- Any allegation that Jesse engaged in acts involving “moral turpitude”
- Anything that has to do with adoption
- Bombshell McGee

Hmm; that’s a pretty long list. If only there’s some way he could have avoided this whole dilemma. Is it still okay to call you an idiot for screwing around on a woman who was way out of your league in the first place?

Memo to Jesse: If you have to obtain a court order in order to prevent people from calling you a monster, Nazi or the most hated man in America, you might not be living right.