Jonas Brothers Announce Solo Career Plans, Tween Nation Recoils In Terror

Jonas Brothers Announce Solo Career Plans, Tween Nation Recoils In Terror-photo

We have some distressing news, people; it appears that Joe and Kevin Jonas are preparing to follow their brother Nick's path and fly the Jonas Brothers coop, at least temporarily.

According to reports, the Prettiest L'il JoBro and the Married One plan to focus on solo projects soon, perhaps in retaliation for Nick leaving them behind to record and tour with his side project, Nick Jonas and the Administration, last year. Says Joe,

“I’ve been working on a lot of music personally. It’s been a lot of fun for me to be able to do that...I’m not sure exactly when my music project will come out; I think when the time is appropriate. But hopefully the fans will receive it and like it."

Kevin also expresses his desire to free himself from the crushing oppression of the Jonas Brothers yoke and express himself unburdened by his siblings' input:

“I absolutely would love to do something musically, as well. But it’s just been an amazing year, we have a lot coming up."

Even Nick is admitting that he plans to expand his non-JoBros activities, noting that he plans a second album with the Administration in "the next couple of years," and will continue writing material for "other artists" whose names aren't Jonas.

We suppose, on the bright side, that will leave the world with three times as much JoBros musical bliss to wallow in.

On the downside? All of this extracurricular activity means there won't be a new Jonas Brothers album until 2011 at the very soonest, according to the group, and that's just too long to wait.

Which Jonas Brother do you think will have the most successful solo career? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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  • Mihai

    No they will never breaking up they're brothers not like others bands They have a special connection and will be together for a long time

  • Sharon

    i kno that the jonas brothers probably dont read these comments but i love the fact that nick is solo cause some of the songs he did with the adminstration are lyk Christian songs and i lyk that since i am a christian and so are they but i wonder how joe and kevin are gonna be with the solo thing... anyways good luck u guys.. ILOVEYOU either way 2gether or solo

  • hiΐίΰίΰ


  • Jonas lover
    Jonas lover

    Okay their not breaking up seriously stop! They never said "Were breaking up" So stop with the sh*t and yes i think that they are continuing to be successful But for the sake of these guys enough with this crap!