Justin Bieber Shows ‘American Idol’ Contestants How to Be Awesome (VIDEO)

The good news: Justin Bieber showed up on American Idol last night to wow the nation and the remaining Idol contestants.

The bad news: We’re sure that those contestants are having a hard time living with themselves today, knowing that they will never, in any way, measure up to the spectacle they witnessed.

The My World singer blew though an incendiary medley of “U Smile” and “Baby” during the televised singing competition, And just to make sure that everybody realized what a multi-talented musical force he is, Biebs sat down behind the drums to give the skins a good whacking toward the end of the performance. Way to rub it in, Justin!

It was, with one notable exception, possibly the greatest Justin Bieber-related moment ever.

Check out the video below. And after you’ve recovered, make sure to crack open The Holy Bieble for all things Bieber.