Lindsay Lohan Is Officially Wanted, Warrant Issued For Her Arrest

Lindsay Lohan Is Officially Wanted, Warrant Issued For Her Arrest-photo

Get out those "Free Lindsay" t-shirts, everybody! It looks like Lindsay Lohan is facing some serious jail time.

Lindsay was a no-show to court this morning and the judge has issued a bench warrant for little Linds' arrest.

Lindsay is currently stuck in France after she went to Cannes to "promote her new movie" (or, uh, party) and allegedly lost her passport. The actress even resorted to begging friends for a free private jet trip out of Cannes but it looks like Lindsay wasn't able to mooch a ride.

Judge Marsha Revel issued a bench warrant for Lindsay's arrest and set bail at $100,000 but said Lindsay can post bail and remain free until the next hearing if she doesn't drink alcohol, wears a SCRAM bracelet, and submitted to random drug testing at least once a week.

Will Lindsay be able to pull all of that off once she finally makes it back to the states? Or will she pull a Roman Polanksi and live as an exile in France for the remainder of her days?



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  • patti

    as an heiress, ive never turned whacked i hollywood. and ive stayed lowkey. dont people know how to say :no;

  • carolhotpink

    SOOOO sad...

  • justagal

    Lock her up and throw away the key. I am sick of seing this loser all over the media, simply for being a loser.......

  • anoneemouse

    PLEASE let her stay in France. Let them deal with her.