Miley Cyrus Gets Ripped For The Recording Studio (PHOTOS)

Newly-minted "bad" girl, Miley Cyrus, showed off some of her rebellious fashion sense as she headed to the recording studio where she is rumored to be working on a new album. New album? We thought Miley was quitting music. Looks like we were foiled again by Miley.

Either way, Miley looked like a more glamorous extra from Mad Max as she strutted to the studio in heels, ripped black jeans, and long feathered earrings.

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  • greekmaria

    i agree her style is gorgeous and lve everything about her

  • greekmaria

    i agree her style is gorgeous and lve everything about her

  • annabannana56

    Thats how teenage girls are dressing like!!! GET OVER IT!!!

  • JB

    Before ya all crack on Miley u should check out Kylie Jenner Kardashian in some of the clothes she wears for just 13 sheesh!

  • Mil.

    That is not what she do, put the real image!!!!! Gosh

  • xxrejectedxspiritxx

    Pff Bravo Miley!!!!You just gave me another reason not 2 comment on your news but sadly i have 2 cuz it's just so darn dumb!!

  • xxrejectedxspiritxx

    I like her shoes..BUT THAT'S ALL I SWEAR!!!!

  • Shuli Gutierrez
    Shuli Gutierrez


  • Shuli Gutierrez
    Shuli Gutierrez

    yes , is so cool ♥

  • me

    [quote=Biancé Van Der Bank]she is such a moron agreed!!

  • teen_girl239

    OMG... it's like if she was creating a new her...

  • anne

    rebellious fashoin sense..?? omg....!!gImMe A bReAkkk..!!!!!..shez one of doz celebs havin the best fashion sense in hollywood...i dont simply favor her..but face it...shez HAS gud fashion sense..

  • arnold champs oliver
    arnold champs oliver

    Ja Havia dito pingos e um torno Falar Miley É Ser Por especial Justamente original, alem de ELA TEM UM simpatica Como um sorriso de alegria Voltando hum barco, e SUAS em Ações percebo um boa Vontade em Bem o fazer; Imagino Que SE ELA Não Querer Algo A SUA Formação Não permitirá Que ELA queira o assim, e Dentro Desta teoria conclui uma Pessoa Que É Miley Cyrus, eu Particularmente Razões Tenho o Suficiente n admirar ESTA mulher Maravilhosa Que Nem Atualmente porta sem saber Consigo AO Menos uma chave Que Abre o Meu Coração.  Portanta eu peco um Deus Que um abênçoe, e Que abra SEUS Caminhos semper parágrafo Mais saude, alegrias, e Muito Sucesso. ...

  • mfan

    I knew that I Can't Be Tamed was going to be remixed in clubs like Party In The USA was, but I didn't guess that Miley would get a jump on the process by doing it herself. Keep surprising us Miley, we love it.

  • lakncsaa

    Are those the only shoes she owns?

  • Alianne

    I actually like her outfit... Something I probably wouldn't wear, but it's normal teen wear. Ish. The shirt is a bit low. You can be a regular teen, just don't be one of the slutty regular teens plox. That means don't flash your undies, because that's gross anywhere.

  • Kayla

    i love her style

  • Loreley

    geez, girl, half your bra is showing, wtf.. that's not even sexy, it's just.. classless. good job trying to cover it up when u ran into the paps, though. kudos on "playing with ur necklace" during the whole encounter ;) at least u think quick, if not thorough

  • Biancé Van Der Bank
    Biancé Van Der Bank

    she is such a moron

  • xavier

    ok don't get angry at me people but in this picture she reminds me of that singer vitamin c she had her hair color orange and she dress different too.and why in the hell she dresses that way. she should dress like rich people dress elegant.sorry i forgot it was miley cyrus.

  • Britini95

    She isn't working on another album, she's doing a remix of "cant be tamed" for some reson, with lil' JOhn. She the most famous teenager in the world right now,could they get a better rapper? Anyway, I think she looks nice,a little orange..but a cute outfit!