BLINDBUZZ: Which Film Actor Is Trying To Make A Snuff Film?

Welcome back to BLINDBUZZ where we check out some of the juiciest blind items on the internet. Today we have a wannabe snuff filmmaker and a kinky Cannes actress.

The Sick Film Actor:

This famous actor has been through multiple films… and multiple wives. Underneath his quirky charm, however, lurks a really evil twin. One who likes to take everything to extreme. While he’s not known for any actual violence toward his loved ones, he does like to talk about some very disturbing acts, including rape, kidnapping, torture, S&M, dismemberment, etc. In fact, he wants to produce a real snuff film in which people are actually injured and killed during the making of the film. He’ll have to face reality, though. His out-of-control spending prohibits his financing anything, and he’s going to have to keep working for a long time simply to pay the bills. (Blind Gossip)

Yuck, this guy sounds like a real weirdo. But the only actor with multiple wives and a reputation for overspending that we can think of is Nicolas Cage. Let’s hope he never makes enough money to finance a snuff film.

The Giving Ex-Boyfriend:

Awkward for most people, but not for this actress. Do you remember last year in Cannes when this B list television and sometime movie actress was doing coke and playing sex games with several people? Well, our actress has moved on, even if her career has progressed straight down. She and her new celebrity boyfriend, who is very familiar with our actresses’ kinky sexual proclivities which involve lots and lots of S&M are in Cannes together this year. Anyway, the couple ran into one of the guys our actress shared drugs and sex with last year. Instead of the situation being awkward, the new celebrity boyfriend invited the guy to come along back to their hotel where they all took turns, well, with umm, each other. (Crazy Days and Nights)

Hm, Hayden Panettiere and her giant boyfriend are currently in Monaco together, is that close enough for Cannes?

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