BUZZINGS: Are ‘Hills’ Producers Forcing Stars To Pull A Paris Hilton?

• Are the Hills girls being pushed into doing sex tapes by their producers? Hm, we are going to call B.S. on this one since publicity-mad Heidi Montag would have done a sex tape at the drop of a hat if anyone had asked. (Wonderwall)

Bret Michaels tells reporters that he suffered a brain hemorrhage while watching porn. Apparently, the porn receptors in his brain finally overloaded after decades of hooking up with wannabe porn stars. (PopEater)

Bethenny Frankel, one of the nasty ladies from Real Housewives of New York announced to no one in particular that she hasn’t bathed since she gave birth several weeks ago. Uh, charming! (Hollywood Life)

Naomi Campbell is fighting her subpoena to testify at a war crimes trial. Whoever ultimately serves her with the subpoena better go in wearing body armor–Naomi is not the kind of lady you want to tick off. (Starpulse)

• Now that Chris Brown’s career is permanently screwed, he’s decided to screw everything that walks! (Bossip)