Doug Reinhardt Moves From Paris Hilton to Pole-Dancing Miss USA

Doug Reinhardt sure has a taste for classy ladies.

The former Hills personality, who broke up with celebutante Paris Hilton in April after a whirlwind 14-month romance, has found himself another gal to help him mend his broken heart.

The lucky lady in question? Oh, just newly crowned Miss USA Rima Fakih. You know, the one who found herself in the middle of a pole-dancing scandal just one day after winning the pageant.

Though, to be fair, at least Doug’s new gal doesn’t have a sex tape floating around out there. That we know of. Yet. 

America’s new It Couple reportedly met through friends, and hooked up when Reinhardt flew out to New York to promote his new reality show. And while this definitely seems like a match that’s made for the ages, a source close to the beauty queen says that she’s taking things slow for now:

“She’s crushing on Doug, but she recently broke up with her on and off again beau…It’s very new, but they’re having a good time. She made him watch the Miss USA pageant.”

Yeah, we’re sure that was a grueling ordeal for him.

But while Reinhardt and Fakih are approaching their blossoming romance cautiously, it appears that they are ready to proceed. In fact, Fakih will be flying out to meet her new beau on his home turf in just a few short days:

“She’s flying to L.A. to see him next week.”

Hopefully Doug can find fun activities to do together that will make her feel at home. Like, say, hitting up a local strip club?

How long do you give this new celebrity romance? Share your predictions in the comments section.