Kevin Costner to Redeem Himself for ‘Waterworld’ by Fixing That Oil Spill

Don’t worry, BP; Kevin Costner is coming to pull your butts out of the fire.

In a move that pretty much nobody could have imagined, the Dances With Wolves star has stepped in to help solve the current oil-spill crisis in the Gulf Coast. Apparently, for the past 15 years, Costner has been developing and investing in (to the tune of $24 million) technology to filter oil out of water, and has offered his device as a possible solution for the oil spill. Not surprisingly, BP, which quite frankly seems to have run out of ideas, has agreed to test out what it’s calling “the Costner solution” beginning next week.

In a statement regarding the collaboration, Costner emphasized,

“It’s not anymore about talk. It’s about doing the walk, and that phrase was probably invented down here.”

Costner came up with the idea for the device while filming the 1995 flop Waterworld. Nice to see that something good came out of that whole mess.