Khloe Kardashian Cuddles Nephew Mason (PHOTOS)

Khloé Kardashian took to her blog today to post photos of her cuddling in bed with her adorable little nephew Mason and we’ll be the first to say that we literally want to eat that child. No seriously, look at the face. He’s like a mushy little old man only without the awful old person stench. Ok, calm down everyone, we’re not in the business of eating old people — we’re just trying to say that Mason is really really super cute!

Moving on. Khloé made it clear that she agrees with our Mason sentiments, writing,

I literally jump at any chance to cuddle with him…even if I am in full hair and makeup LOL. My hair stylist was ready to kill me because Mason wouldn’t stop playing with my hair and I was just letting him. Please, like I could ever say no to that face!

Oh the things we would do to pinch just one of those little baby cheeks. Okay, this has officially gotten creepy. We’re done now.

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