Lady GaGa Goes on a Firing Spree

Lady GaGa isn’t doing much to help with the economic turnaround. According to reports, the Pantless One recently added to the unemployment rolls by sacking a significant portion of her staff.

During her recent visit to Japan, the “Poker Face” chanteuse fired her entire security team after one of her fans managed to get on stage at one of her concerts. A source spills,

“She went potty…She couldn’t believe they could let these things happen so she fired them on the spot. She goes out of her way to make her shows perfect and expects the same from her people…Some thought she would calm down but she put [the fired security team] straight on a plane home.”

The security squad haven’t been the only ones to get a pink slip from GaGa lately; she also recently canned her wardrobe assistant after she forgot to lock the singer’s dressing-room door.

Wait—you mean Lady GaGa has something resembling a sense of modesty?  Wow; somebody pass the smelling salts, please, we feel a fainting spell coming on…

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