Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Caught With Coke And Crack In Cannes (PHOTOS)

Well, it looks like little Linds met up with an old friend in Cannes.

While a warrant was being issued for Lindsay Lohan’s arrest, the troubled starlet was partying it up in Cannes, not letting that whole “lost” passport/impending legal trouble thing get her down.

And wait, what’s that on the table next to lil’ Linds? Surely those aren’t lines of cocaine, right Lindsay? And what is the bare-bottomed fella doing in that picture with Lindsay? What’s French for “crack is wack?”

Perhaps this is simply Lohan’s way of dealing with her mounting legal troubles and trainwreck of a career? Listen everybody, we shouldn’t judge how others cope with their grief.

Then again, if that is indeed cocaine on the table next to Lindsay, that doesn’t mean that she is snorting the stuff, does it? This is Cannes, we are talking about here! The red carpet is practically lined with cocaine, there isn’t anything Lindsay can do about it.

Lindsay is expected to be returning from her French vacation today.