Lindsay Lohan Avoids Arrest, For Now

Attention people who were looking forward to seeing Lindsay Lohan arrested once she returned to the United States (and we are staring right at you, Michael Lohan): you might have to put off your celebrations for the time being.

It turns out that little Linds will avoid arrest once she returns to the States from her extended European vacation in Cannes.

TMZ is reporting that Lindsay’s people posted her bail and the judge has revoked her warrant. They also report that Lindsay and her lawyer will show up to court bright and early on Monday morning to set up a hearing for her probation violation.

Meanwhile, Lindsay allegedly never applied for a new passport after she claimed that her passport was stolen in Cannes, thus forcing her to stay in France and miss her hearing. So, we’re guessing she finally found that “lost” passport? Maybe it was right where she left her misplaced priorities.

And as if this whole debacle couldn’t get any worse for Lindsay, her father is reporting that her family had a private jet waiting for her in Cannes that would have got her to the court house on time but she blew it off to continue partying her freedom away.

Of course, we take take everything that Michael says with a grain of salt, but the fact her family was able to easily post 10% of Lindsay’s bail ($10,000) hints that they probably had enough cash to buy Lindsay a last-minute ride.

Ugh, Lindsay. Let’s just hope she actually shows up to court this time.