Sad Face: Michelle Williams And Ryan Gosling Are Not Dating

Good news ladies and gents: Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are not dating. Well, they might not be dating. Whatever, we’ll take what we can get.

After the Blue Valentine co-stars created buzz by cuddling their way through Cannes this week, reps for the stars deny that the potential World’s Cutest Couple are not an item.

Michelle’s rep flat-out denies that she is dating Ryan while the Lars and the Real Girl actor’s publicist says that Ryan is “cozy with everyone.”

So the dreamy Ryan cuddles and kisses women who are his friends? Does anyone have any information on how to become friends with Ryan, it’s an emergency.

Well, we’re a little sad that this couple made in Twee Heaven isn’t a reality, but we still have Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato to console us.