Lindsay Lohan Claims Coke Pictures Were “A Set Up”

By now you’ve probably seen the pictures of Lindsay Lohan partying in Cannes with coke (the drug kind) and crack (the bum kind) while a judge issued her a bench warrant for missing her court date.

Well, what does little Linds have to say for herself about those pictures? RadarOnline spoke with Lindsay who said the pictures were “a set up” and “so untrue.”

Lindsay did not clarify what she meant about it being a “set up.” Maybe she meant to say “those aren’t my pants?”

Meanwhile, the prosecutor for the progress report hearing that lil’ Linds failed to attend yesterday said she “hopes that isn’t cocaine in those pictures.”

Luckily for Lindsay, it doesn’t matter what that mysterious white substance really is since the prosecutor said the photos wouldn’t effect her hearing since they were taken in a foreign country and there is no way to know what the substance actually is.

Looks like Lindsay caught a break this time, but she still hasn’t explained that picture of her with that man’s bare bottom near her face. We demand an explanation!