Miley Cyrus Survives Harrowing Scorpion Encounter!

Miley Cyrus Survives Harrowing Scorpion Encounter!-photo

Okay, before anybody gets alarmed, know this first: Miley Cyrus is okay. (At least from a health perspective.) But she did have a close brush with fate this week when she had a close encounter with one of nature's most fearsome creatures: A real, live scorpion!

The Hannah Montana star was doing a phone interview on Atlanta radio station Star 94 FM's Cindy and Ray in the Morning show when the eight-legged beast appeared in her Nashville hotel room. A frightening prospect for even the most steely-nerved being, but showing the reserve that's made her a household name, Cyrus took control of the situation admirably. After a lot of screaming.

Check out audio of the encounter below:



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  • xxrejectedxspiritxx

    Big time....

  • mileysupport

    A SQUIRRLE? haha

  • xavier

    with all the flooding in nashville don't be surprise that she could find alligators in her ranch or snakes in her toilet. can you imagine she taking a dump and then she hears sssssssss coming from the toilet and then a ratle snake jumps out from it that would make insane news. better news than lohan being arrested in airports.

  • mfan

    I love how this Cindy woman doubts the story, like Miley doesn't know what a scopion looks like. Like Miley hasn't grown up just outside of Nashville. But maybe Cindy was talking about the 80's metal band. Have they ever been in Nashville?

  • sophie1986