Childbirth Gives Rihanna The Willies

There are some gals out there that are willing to go to extreme lengths to get pregnant, and then there are gals like Rihanna who sweat bullets at even the thought of giving birth to a child.

It appears that the “Rude Boy” singer has a big fear of giving birth, even though she admits that she wants to be a mother some day.

Luckily for RiRi, she’s found a way around that whole messy pregnancy thing: adoption!

According to Gatecrasher, Rihanna is planning on adopting kids instead of getting pregnant: “I’m really scared of the actual childbirth situation but I do want to be a mum one day.”

Well, we think Rihanna has a lot of time to think about her future life as a mother, but we bet her new boyfriend Matt Kemp is happy that Rihanna won’t be surprising him with a pregnancy any time soon.